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Core Tech

Run a validator, become a nominator, vote on governance proposals
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Use it to transfer $CERE ERC20 tokens on Ethereum to the Cere Mainnet. On Polygon, two-way transfers are supported.
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Cere Stats
A block explorer that shows Cere Network live statistics, block production details, the validation process, staking information, and more.
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Cere Wallet
Transact, store, manage NFTs & Crypto assets
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Cluster Management
A set of user-friendly tools, to empower any self-organized group of nodes to forge an automated, decentralized data cluster.
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Host your applications on Cere’s Decentralized Data Cloud
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Data Activity Capture (DAC)
The system ensures activity logs are trustworthy and accurate by constantly comparing and verifying log records.
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Provides a view and interaction layer from a browser into the Cere Blockchain network
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Mint NFTs & configure royalty payments
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Smart Contracts
A collection of Smart Contracts that empower the Cere Network ecosystem
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Staking Dashboard
A tool for a simplified process of staking $CERE tokens and having a comprehensive set of features to ensure a seamless staking experience.
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Decentralised content delivery network
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Web3 Gaming

Game Creator Studio
Launch & manage your games through our GUI
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Gaming SDK
Enable Cere Wallet and interact with the decentralized leaderboard
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NFT Marketplace
Allow players to trade their in-game assets & achievements
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Web3 Game Portal
Build & deploy your own Decentralized App store
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Web3 Gaming Wallet
Store user achievements & facilitate in-game payments
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Web3 Video Streaming

A Web3 Shopify for digital content where fans can instantly buy digital collectibles directly from social media.
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Video Streaming
Decentralized & trustless video streaming
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Web3 Video Player
Stream high quality video from our dCDN
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