DDC | Cluster Management

About DDC | Cluster Management

Cluster Management is a set of user-friendly tools, to empower any self-organized group of nodes to forge an automated, decentralized data cluster fueled by the prowess of CERE tokens ($CERE) and the protocol. Anchored in robust smart contracts, these tools enable DDC Clusters to seamlessly deliver potent, automated data cloud operations for users and developers alike.

Why decentralized data clusters are important

Decentralized data clusters can save us from the slavery of large corporations and return people’s ownership of their data. You can be part of this innovation and strengthen the decentralized network as a node provider and start earning $CERE tokens today. DDC brings a new level of content ownership and control to developers by offering censorship resistance, easy setup, dApp-level cluster selection, geo-location optimization, and more

Who can participate in the cluster and what are the incentives and benefits?

Very soon anyone can spin up a storage or dCDN node and become part of the Decentralized Data Cloud in just a few easy steps. By running a node you not only support a bigger and faster network, but you’ll also be rewarded $CERE tokens for the service you provide.

How are clusters governed?

The cluster is decentralized. Clusters are proposed through Referenda and the token holders can vote on it to see if it passes or not.After that, if the cluster satisfies the SLA levels it promised during its proposal then it will be rewarded, and if not it will be slashed.

DDC | Cluster Management Tech Stack

The Cluster Manager consists of two main parts: the UI and the API. The UI provides an easy-to-use interface that allows you to manage all components of a cluster, while the Cluster Management API makes the bridge between the UI and the network.

Cluster Management | UI

Cluster Management UI is a React application with MobX as business logic and application state layer. The application is deployed to each of our environments and works in each environment with different Smart Contracts.
GitHub: https://github.com/cere-io/cluster-management-service (opening soon)

Cluster Management | API
Cluster Management API is a REST application intended to support Cluster Manager UI application. It is built on NestJS framework and follows our standard service template.GitHub: https://github.com/Cerebellum-Network/cluster-management-UI (opening soon)

Get started with DDC | Cluster Management

Launch a Storage Node
Support Cere Network by storing data, such as objects, files, and documents.
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Launch a CDN Node
Ensure content is delivered quickly and smoothly by caching popular local content on a CDN node.
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Manage your Cluster
Group relevant nodes in your own data cluster and allow for hyper-personalization and efficient AI data modeling.
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