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The AI revolution is unleashing a data tsunami, with global data production estimated to grow by over 100%+ annually in the foreseeable future. However, existing cloud data solutions and infrastructure are not equipped to cope with this explosive growth. They suffer from excessive centralization, isolated silos, vendor lock-in, and management complexities. Change is imperative.
Introducing Cere: ☁️ Decentralized Data Clusters for the AI era, secured by the Cere Blockchain Protocol
Cere clusters are specifically designed to distribute data load, enhance processing speeds, and reduce latency by operating closer to the data source (such as your car, watch, or local merchants). They will also conduct automated data operations, including seamless AI inference at the edge.

As our first data cluster is already in closed beta, we invite all data/Web3/AI enthusiasts to find out more about our upcoming plans, establish your own node to earn cloud data revenue, or deploy your $CERE tokens to shape the protocol's future.

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Key Highlights

The Cere Decentralized Data Cloud

Although everything is moving to the cloud, the current landscape is dominated by centralized, siloed, and vendor-dependent data solutions provided by Big Tech. These cloud solutions not only raise concerns about monopolies but also hinder the realization of AI's full potential.
As a tidal wave of data approaches, with 90% of the world's data having emerged within the past two years, the current infrastructure will not be able to support this accelerating growth. A substantial portion of global data will need to be gathered and maintained at the edge, in locations much nearer to users & businesses. Much closer than were big data centers of Google, Amazon or Microsoft can ever be.
This shift in how we store data is possible using distributed clusters that can automate processes such as encryption, decryption, filtering, labeling, analysis, and enhanced interactions with AI agents, all seamlessly integrated.
Since its launch in 2019, the Cere team has consistently anticipated the difficulties that the present systems would encounter, now highlighted by the swift advancements of AI and the accompanying surge in data. With companies using multiple vendors causing data fragmentation that complicates AI integration, Cere is presenting itself as an objective, open-source solution, with a clear vision:
All data should be decentralized. Unequivocally.
To underwrite how we always stayed true to this vision while building out the ecosystem, you can revisit our Vision papers (1.0 - 2020 and 2.0 - 2022).
Decentralized Data Clusters: Powering the Future of Data
Cere Decentralized Data Clusters offer a distributed data cloud, to be used by any self-organizing group of nodes. These nodes can execute various data operations, whether general or specific, across continents or localized to a particular region. The need for such adaptability arises from the distinct operations and economic factors in various industries and locations.
Protocol & $CERE token: Central to this decentralized approach is the Cere Protocol and the $CERE token. They are instrumental in powering self-organizing decentralized data clusters around the world. This is achieved through advanced features like automated smart contract governance, real-time network monitoring, and strict SLA adherence. Such a design ensures a high standard of security and utility for these data clusters.
Separation of Cloud Infra & Operations: The tools and services offered by Cere ensure a clean separation of cloud infrastructure & operations from the protocol. This unique separation allows specialized data to reside on the edge, while also ensuring seamless integration and interoperability through the Cere L1 Blockchain and smart contracts.
New Open Data Standard: A significant advancement offered by the protocol is in establishing a new open data standard. This innovative paradigm takes various data processes such as storage, streaming, enrichment, and analysis, and decentralizes them to the edge. Such a move prepares the data ecosystem for a future dominated by autonomous data patterns.
Optimization for Data Types & Regions: The flexibility of the Cere ecosystem becomes evident when looking at cluster designs. Clusters can be optimized for specific data types and regions. As an illustration, one cluster might focus on large binary objects for video streaming in Central Asia, bypassing app stores or geo-restrictions. Conversely, another might cater to rapid transactional data services via a concentrated network of low-latency nodes in New Zealand.
By championing these features and ensuring a clear division of roles within the ecosystem, Cere ensures that all stakeholders benefit from their contributions, be it through data validation, staking, or reward distribution.
The Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC) welcomes everyone to submit their participation proposal, and when approved by the community, empowers them to run their own storage node, CDN node, or even their own cluster. By actively engaging, contributors not only sustain the DDC ecosystem but also represent a commitment to a secure future driven by AI, with data as the medium and $CERE, facilitated by the Cere Protocol, as the catalyst.
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Exploring the Components of the Decentralized Data Cluster

The Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC) revolutionizes how data is stored and accessed, ensuring security and efficiency. By combining the power of smart contracts and innovations such as Decentralized Data Clusters and the Data Activity Capture system, Cere’s Data Cloud accelerates access through content streaming, enables seamless data sharing, and supports serverless dApp hosting. DDC is a game-changer for secure, efficient data management, powering video streaming, gaming, and more.

Learn how the Decentralized Data Cloud is using

Cluster Management
Cluster Management is a set of user-friendly tools, to empower any self-organized group of nodes to forge an automated, decentralized data cluster fueled by the prowess of CERE tokens ($CERE) and the protocol. Anchored in robust smart contracts, these tools enable DDC Clusters to seamlessly deliver potent, automated data cloud operations for users and developers alike.
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DAC Core + Validation
The Data Activity Capture (DAC) system ensures activity logs are trustworthy and accurate by constantly comparing and verifying log records. This data is then used by key components in Cere’s DDC infrastructure to ensure fair payouts for node providers, prevent dishonesty, and guarantee fairness for everyone involved.
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Smart Contracts
Cere Network features a collection of Smart Contracts that empower its ecosystem. Notable among these are the Freeport Smart Contracts, responsible for NFT operations, with two versions: the first version is used by the Marketplace, while the second, boasting improved architecture, is being integrated for future adoption.
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Cere's Decentralized Data Clusters (DDC Clusters) are automated data marketplaces, powered and governed by smart contracts

These clusters, integral components of the Cere Decentralized Data Cloud, are intricately designed to serve specific industries and regions. On the supply side, node providers contribute by supplying the protocol with idle resources, aiding in the seamless upload and storage of data. Using the Freeport Creator Suite and other dedicated tooling, data is not just stored, but is also actively employed to store game sessions, interact with AI agents, and seamlessly integrate with dApps. This streamlined and secure system ensures a dynamic exchange of data within the Cere ecosystem, balancing both supply and demand efficiently.

Flexibility & Customization: While centralized systems offer generic solutions, DDC Clusters provide industry and region-specific tailoring, ensuring optimal, fit-for-purpose services.Economic Efficiency: Every machine has underutilized resources. Cere optimizes this by allowing node providers to contribute idle resources, promoting cost savings.Security & Privacy: DDC Clusters' decentralized nature reduces single-point failure risks. Data governance via smart contracts ensures robust privacy and security. User data is individually encrypted & anonymizedOpen Ecosystem: Unlike proprietary systems of centralized platforms that may limit innovation, Cere promotes openness, powered by tools like Freeport Creator Suite, facilitating collaboration and seamless integrations.No Vendor Lock-ins: Cere's approach grants users freedom from reliance on a single service provider, ensuring more control and flexibility in data management strategies.

Play your part in the Data Paradigm Shift
Very soon anyone can spin up a storage or dCDN node and become part of the Decentralized Data Cloud in just a few easy steps. By running a node you not only support a bigger and faster network, but you’ll also be rewarded $CERE tokens for the service you provide.
Joining the Decentralized Data Cloud will require only a few clicks:

1. Choose Your Path: Select "Node Provider".
2. Node Type: Decide on a Storage or dCDN node.
3. Deposit: Secure your spot with a deposit.
4. Configuration: Provide host/port and Cluster ID.
5. Run Command: Copy and execute the Docker command.
6. Cluster Addition: Request node inclusion.
Join the waitlist
Early participation spots to run your own node will open soon. Join the waitlist today!

Cere  Blockchain Protocol

The Cere Blockchain Protocol, a cornerstone of modern decentralized solutions, is underpinned by the robust Cere Blockchain. This unique design is at the very heart of the Decentralized Data Clusters solution.
In essence, the Cere Protocol is not just a mere framework; it's a dynamic ecosystem where DDC participants can actively engage. By staking their assets, participants can elevate their status to become recognized and eligible DDC actors. This staking process isn't arbitrary; it instills a sense of commitment and fosters genuine participation.
Moreover, the Cere Blockchain is more than just a digital ledger. It serves as an immutable repository for storing validation results, specifically, those discussed in the DDC | DAC Core + Validation. These results are vital in ensuring transparency, accuracy, and integrity within the DDC ecosystem.
By intertwining participation, validation, and immutable record-keeping, the Cere Protocol emerges as a comprehensive solution, ensuring the Decentralized Data Cloud operates seamlessly and effectively for all its users. This holistic approach paves the way for a more transparent, efficient, and inclusive decentralized digital future.
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Protocol Governance on Cere Network
As a decentralized network, it is important that Cere Network is governed in a way that is fair and transparent to all stakeholders. This is where governance comes in.
Governance is the process by which decisions are made about the future of a blockchain network. In Cere Network, governance is carried out by token holders. Token holders can vote on proposals that affect the network, such as changes to the protocol or the allocation of funds. More info in the Cere Governance Quickstart Guide
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How governance is executed on Cere
Polkassembly is the platform that allows token holders to participate in governance. It is a web-based application that makes it easy for token holders to vote on proposals and learn about the latest governance discussions.
Through https://cere.polkassembly.io/ it is possible to see all of the past referenda run on the network. Cere Network also runs proposals to upgrade the network and puts them up for debate. Learn more.
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How Protocol Governance works for DAO members
The Cere DAO is instrumental to Cere’s commitment to decentralized governance. Operating as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), the Cere DAO guarantees that critical decisions and strategies within the network are increasingly determined collaboratively by its community rather than concentrated around the Cere core team.
This democratic approach enables transparency and empowers community members, giving them a voice in shaping the network's direction. With access to treasury funds, the Cere DAO is entrusted with financial autonomy, demonstrating our trust in the collective wisdom of our community.
Cere DAO stands as a beacon of decentralization, fostering innovation and growth aligned with its community's collective vision.
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How Protocol Governance works for $CERE token holders
$CERE token holders play a crucial role in governance, voting on network proposals like protocol changes. Beyond these protocol changes, token holders also have the authority to vote on the allocation of the DAO's treasury, approval or denial of grants, strategic partnerships, and community-driven initiatives. Their active participation ensures that the DAO's resources and directions align with the collective interests of its stakeholders.
The $CERE token plays a pivotal role at the protocol level, primarily ensuring the network's security through a nominated proof-of-stake mechanism. Token holders are empowered to nominate reliable validators, fostering a decentralized and trustworthy protocol foundation. This nomination process, driven by the staking of tokens, binds validators to a high standard of service, and in the event of discrepancies or malicious activities, the staked tokens serve as collateral, ensuring accountability.
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Smart Contracts and Substrate pallets for data innovation
The Cere Blockchain, a Substrate-based Proof of Stake Blockchain, underpins the secure and AI-ready data management of the Cere ecosystem. It holds the essential responsibility of hosting the smart contracts behind the DDC and Cere Freeport.
The Cere blockchain is unique in its capacity of enabling of clean separation of cloud infrastructure & operations from the protocol. This critical separation not only allows specialized data to reside on the edge but ensures unhindered integration and interoperability via the Cere L1 Blockchain and smart contracts.
Delving deeper: Smart contracts oversee cluster operations, access, and data sharing. By automating the data flow, Cere leaves the era of intermediaries and human-induced errors behind us, fortifying the Decentralized Data Cloud's security with through transparency and immutability. Pallets: Substrate's "pallets" enable seamless integration, customization and adaption for the Cere Blockchain. These modules ensure the Protocol’s ability to adapt swiftly and scale without hitches. Inspectors/Sentinels: Tasked with ensuring data accuracy, Sentinels meticulously validate data. They authenticate access, transfers, and other operations beyond the blockchain's scope. Only verified and inspected data is let-through by the sentinels, who in turn enable auto-payments are triggered based on this authenticated data, be it for fees, rewards, or other criteria-driven bounties.
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Blockchain Tools

The Cere Network Blockchain Tools boast an impressive range of features and benefits. They prioritize streamlined interactions, ensuring a smoother and more efficient process that enhances the overall user experience. The focus on user-friendliness means that even those unfamiliar with the blockchain can engage confidently. With these tools, the experience becomes both enjoyable and accessible.
Performance is another significant area of emphasis. The tools have been meticulously designed to expedite blockchain operations by removing any unnecessary complications. This design philosophy guarantees the protocol's optimal responsiveness, allowing for more streamlined interactions.
Diversity and accessibility in tool capabilities set the Cere Network apart. It offers a suite of user-friendly tools tailored for the primary blockchain use cases, encompassing functionalities like Proof of Stake Staking and DDC Staking. What's more, they make blockchain more accessible by eliminating barriers and offering clear guidelines complemented by educational resources.
Furthermore, the design is intuitive, welcoming a varied user base and fostering increased community engagement. Such engagement brings immense value to the Cere ecosystem. By creating a more intuitive and user-friendly system, there's an expectation of heightened adoption, usage, and active participation.
Visualization and transparency are integral to user empowerment. These tools empower diverse user personas with insights into the network and node performance. Emphasizing transparent operations, the Cere Network ensures community-led governance remains paramount. All significant network shifts are incorporated transparently, ensuring users always have a clear view.
Lastly, there's a dedicated focus on community collaboration and enjoyability. By instilling enthusiasm and unity, the Cere Network fosters a unique sense of collaboration. The strength of the community and the protocol's excellence are reinforced through active governance. An enjoyable user experience translates to heightened engagement, producing loyal contributors and advocates for the platform.
The Cere Explorer (explorer.cere.network) provides a view and interaction layer from a browser into the Cere Blockchain network, gives Validators and Nominators an interface to stake their CERE tokens in exchange for staking rewards, and will also hold all the Governance proposals and discussions submitted by the community. This tool essentially facilitates interactions between users and the Cere Network.
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Stats App
Cerestats (stats.cere.network) is a block explorer for Cere Network that shows Cere Network live statistics, block production details, the validation process, staking information, and more.

The Faucet functionality offered on Cerestats allows developers to easily send themselves $CERE tokens on the Testnet.
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DDC Dashboard
The DDC Dashboard displays general stats about the DDC Network, including the number of Clusters and Nodes, the amount of data streamed on a given time and rewards being distributed among the network participants. Coming soon.
Coming soon
Buy $CERE Token
Get $CERE Token today and be a pioneer in the next digital revolution! 🚀🌐
ERC-20 CERE tokens can be found in the following exchanges.
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The Cere Bridge enables $CERE token transfers between Ethereum (ERC20) to the Cere Mainnet. The bridge is built on the ChainBridge framework.
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Staking Dashboard
Staking ensures network security and consensus through its Nominated Proof-of-Stake (nPoS) system. Launch the Cere Network Staking Dashboard to begin staking CERE Mainnet tokens today.
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Cere DAO
Introduction to the Cere DAO
The Cere DAO is instrumental to Cere’s commitment to decentralized governance. Operating as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), the Cere DAO guarantees that critical decisions and strategies within the network are increasingly determined collaboratively by its community rather than concentrated around the Cere core team.

This democratic approach enables transparency and empowers community members, giving them a voice in shaping the network's direction. With access to treasury funds, the Cere DAO is entrusted with financial autonomy, demonstrating our trust in the collective wisdom of our community.

Cere DAO stands as a beacon of decentralization, fostering innovation and growth aligned with its community's collective vision.

Cast Your Vote!

Polkassembly platform allows token holders to participate in on-chain governance on Substrate. This web-based application makes it easy to vote on proposals and engage in governance discussions.

At https://cere.polkassembly.io/ members can check the past referenda run on the network. Cere also runs proposals and puts them up for debate.

For a full overview of the Polkassembly governance process, see the Cere Governance Quickstart Guide
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Main Upcoming Cere DAO Activities

DAO Incorporation
Cere Network's "DAO Incorporation" marks a major step towards our commitment to decentralized governance. Embracing the ethos of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Cere guarantees that key decisions and operations aren't monopolized, but rather propelled by the collective consensus of the community.
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First treasury transfer to DAO
Cere DAO First treasury transfer to DAOBy bridging funds directly from the Cere Network treasury to the DAO, we are not only reinforcing our commitment to decentralized governance but also providing the DAO with the resources it needs to function, innovate, and grow. A clear testament to ensure that Cere's resources are deployed in a manner that reflects the shared vision and priorities of its members.
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DAO General Assembly Q4
An open forum for the community to engage with the DAO's director. Bring your questions, suggestions, or concerns, and get direct insights into the DAO's future direction and ongoing initiatives.
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Cere Roadmap
Key roadmap highlights include:
  • CerePlay Release - Igniting elevated user engagement through decentralized leaderboards and a plug-and-play Game SDK. After our internal launch our goal is to onboard 10k+ users in the upcoming months, furnishing vital metric data for third-party integrations - Learn more
  • Cere DAO Launch - Dawn of community-driven governance. Embarking as a DAO, it decentralizes decisions and holds financial autonomy, steering Cere towards a self-sustained, community-led network - Learn more
  • DaVinci - Empowering creators with total content control, full profit retention, and exclusive content channels, bolstered by a versatile tech stack: Marketp lace, Media SDK, Freeport, and Cere Wallet - Learn more
  • Decentralized DDC Nodes - A milestone in the Cere roadmap and decentralization saga, expanding Cere's reach and efficiency. By enabling anyone to establish data nodes, Cere cements its commitment to genuine data decentralization - Join the waitlist
  • AI Prototype -A peek into the future of data—a pristine showcase leveraging decentralized data for optimized AI performance. Unlike centralized data models, this prototype will maximize, not hinder, AI's potential - 👀 Coming soon!
  • Enterprise Data Clusters - Leveraging the Cluster Management UI, any self-organizing node groups can forge fully automated, CERE token and protocol-powered decentralized data clusters. Primed for real-world users. Learn more
A Roadmap Toward 100% Transparency
The Cere Roadmap, and everything else in this Cere Hub, is real-time sourced and synced from our internal SEK (Strategy, Execution, Knowledge) Notion system, demonstrating Cere’s
  1. Rich Knowledge Base: With four years of data from numerous GitHub repositories and internal wikis, users access not just an information system, but a deep well of contextual information, sourced in real-time.
  2. Decentralization Commitment: Syncing internal development with the public roadmap ensures transparent decision-making, embracing the spirit of decentralization.
  3. Community Engagement: Through clear directives for the open-source developer community to encourage active contributions, we aim to turn passive observers into vital ecosystem participants.
  4. Transparency goal: Releasing this roadmap marks Cere's commitment to open communication, fostering essential trust within the tech and blockchain communities.
Out-of-the-box showcases of Cere’s Technology Stack
CerePlay: Shaking up the Gaming Landscape 🎮
CerePlay is launched as a showcase for game developers to demonstrate how Cere can unlock the power of Web3 rewards, user activation, and secondary marketplaces for their players. Encompassing Cere features such as a decentralized leaderboard where user achievements and rewards are decoupled from core game development and operations. With this first release, Cere is opening up a vast amount of new user engagement opportunities, with much more to come!
Embark on a journey that resets gaming boundaries. Discover the CerePlay realm now.
DaVinci: A New Age of Content Creation 🌟
DaVinci is made for creators who seek uncensored expression and maximized earnings from their content. It offers a platform allowing for 100% revenue from subscriptions and digital collectibles. CereFans’ out-of-the-box features support global content access, exclusive/early releases, and deep fan insights, making it an optimal solution for modern content creators. With the debut of CereFans, Cere will push the boundaries of fan engagement and direct content monetization, with further AI-powered advancements in the near future.
Dive into a platform designed for the modern creator. Experience the DaVinci difference today.
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