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Job openings

Technical Writer
Europe / Part-Time
Business Operation Specialist
HR Team
Warsaw / Hybrid
DevOps Manager
Warsaw / Remote
Lead Developer AI
San Francisco / Hybrid
Technical Product Manager
Product Management
Berlin / Germany
Software Engineer
Europe / Remote

Our Innovations

Cere DDC
The Cere DDC is a public decentralized network supported by a plethora of data nodes around the world, which will eventually serve as a much-needed alternative to big data and big tech data cloud solutions.
Cere dCDN
The dCDN is a decentralized service offered by CDN nodes. It acts as a web server and provides content to regular HTTP clients, such as web browsers.
Cere dSC
Cere’s Decentralized serverless computing. eliminates the need for centralized Infrastructure. With blockchain identity replacing Google/FB oAuth, and blockchain payments becoming viable Web3 alternatives to Google Pay and Apple Pay, an application will no longer have to use centralized databases, data lakes, data warehouses, and other centralized infrastructure to provide rich and personalized user experiences. 
Cere dCDP
The Cere CDP is a decentralized cloud database backed by the same network of protocol nodes allowing consumers and applications to own their data with 100% control over who can use it and for what purpose in any particular context.
The AI Revolution Is Unleashing a Data Tsunami. Cere DDC is a leap forward in data architecture, seamlessly distributing the weight of data loads. DDC Clusters are dynamic hubs of automation with seamless AI inference at the edge. The traditional constraints of centralized data processing are sidestepped as DDC ushers in an era where the intelligence of AI unfolds on the very periphery of data creation—effortlessly, nimbly, and in real-time.

Hire process

CV Review
We review and shortlist candidates with relevant experience.
HR Interview
Candidates are evaluated for communication & soft skills.
Technical Interviews
Experience & problem solving skills assessed by hiring team & CEO.
Reference Checks
Candidate’s performance and employment history verified.
Offer accepted, start date confirmed & onboarding starts.
About Cere
Beyond the ownership of identity and digital assets, data is the next key element that needs to become self-custodied by every consumer and be made available to applications on demand. This data element is the biggest missing piece for Web3 and dApps.  The true decentralization of Web3 has served as the singular core purpose and mission behind Cere’s data protocol, the DDC (Decentralized Data Cloud), along with its blockchain mainnet powered by the $CERE token, which is designed to provide security and utility to the Cere DDC. 
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