Cere is a Polkadot-inspired, next-gen distributed network that consists of several modular and interconnected layers:

  • The Cere Layer-1 Core, with Cere and enterprise chains at the foundation;
  • The Cere Layer-2 Substrate private networks for scalability and interoperability;
  • The ecosystem of distributed apps and open data marketplaces built on top.

The Cere Team



Co-Founder (CEO)

Silicon Valley since ‘93, co-founded 50cubes, a Tencent backed gaming company. Early at Bebo leading to $850m acquisition by AOL.



Ex Vice-President, General Manager of Huobi. Partner at AU21 capital, a US VC investment firm.


Co-Founder (CTO)

Tech Lead at Twitch & Amazon, managed search and microservices. Early at Bebo. Studied CS, AI at MIT.


Head of Marketing

Ex COO at LTO Network. Former Legal & Operations Manager at LegalThings and Firm24.


Head of Engineering

Co-founded Sequoia backed Nightfire. Over 30 years of experience in Silicon Valley. Highly skilled veteran in the engineering world.


Lead Engineer

A highly resourceful, innovative, and competent developer in the areas blockchain integration, smart contract integration (Web3), based on ERC20 tokens.


Head of PR

Previously Head of Marketing at Huobi US and Head of PR at multiple Binance backed blockchain projects and Bay Area tech companies. Experienced news reporter.


Lead Engineer

Ex Oracle, previously CTO of Sapien & Deckard A.I. and Protocol Engineer at Qedit. Google Hall of Famer. Audited Ethereum smart contracts.

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Mobility Advisor

Brad Bao

Chairman Lime Brad Bao launched Lime into one of the fastest-growing startups and served as its Chairman and CEO. He’s also served as the Managing Director of Kinzon Capital.
Strategy Advisor

Rajani Ramanathan

Ex Salesforce COO Rajani served as Salesforce COO for over a decade, started back in 2000, and helped scale the multi-billion company from a start-up to a fully operational business.
Business Advisor

Jochum Haakma

Chairman EU-China Business Association Lawyer, former career diplomat and an expert in the field of Trade and Investment Promotion. Advisory Member of several China related institutions.

Founding member of the
SaaS-DeFi alliance

Set to establish universal protocol standards for the Enterprise DeFi space and improve communications between the enterprises and the DeFi ecosystem as well as conduct research on emerging DeFi protocols.

The alliance’s inaugural members are Binance Smart Chain, Cere Network, Chainlink, Elrond, Matic, Plasm Network and Republic Protocol.

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Press about us

Cere Technology

Cere is organized through a hub-and-spoke architecture where both public and private
chains are connected to the Cere Layer-1 as the central nexus of the network.

The Cere

The core of the ecosystem is the Cere Layer-1 blockchain optimized for enterprise usage. It establishes a foundation of interoperable identity and data privacy solutions and facilitates the secure validation of data and asset transfer in the entire ecosystem.

While the Cere Layer-1 is optimized for enterprise adoption (increased throughput, guaranteed SLA’s, etc.), it’s also inclusive (open to everyone) and fully decentralized in architecture and governance.

While Cere's Layer-1 is acutely focused on bridging the vast gap between enterprise needs of privacy, scale, ease of use, and real-life use cases with current blockchain technology, it's also fully compatible with Polkadot to meet interoperability standards.

Scaling via

Polkadot Compatibility (Substrate)

Achieving cross-chain asset transfers with all public networks by using Substrate runtime components and cross-chain smart contracts.

Horizontal Scalability

Heterogeneous sharding within Cere Layer-1 blockchain and beyond (Polkadot, Cosmos, Binance, Ethereum, etc).

Polkadot Parachain

Cere’s future parachain leverages on additional security and integrations provided by Polkadot’s relay chain and ecosystem.

Cere for Enterprises

Cere's Layer-1 cross-chain compatibility with networks like Binance
Smart Chain, Polkadot, Cosmos, Ethereum, and others bring Cere in a unique position
to bridge the biggest enterprise companies with the fastest-growing decentralized ecosystems.

Use Cases

Currently being built by the Cere team
for it's Fortune-1000 clients


Credit cards rely on perks and rebates, offered by the banks and their partners to drive usage (e.g. learning 1 mile for each $1 spent).

Cere brings a new level of data interoperability and secure asset/value exchange to better automate such integrations between banks and partners.


Cere provides a drop-in solution that boosts a brand’s hyper-personalization strategy.

With intelligent loyalty and payment solutions, brands can increase their online to in-store conversions.


Cere delivers personalized product offerings across 1st to 3rd partners to enrich existing user experiences.

The secure sharing of personalization data combined with smart offers and discounts distributed as derivative assets to each user’s own wallet is the key to powering the full automation of this process.


Cere helps media enterprises to improve long term user retention and content engagement by using a plug-and-play gamification module that can enrich the user experience of any app/site.

The Cere SDK works in conjunction with each user’s own wallet/ledger to allow the full automation of these normally hard to integrate use cases.

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