Ready to play next-gen fan engagement for your music?
Meet DaVinci! A new media platform for music artists to offer exclusive access, digital collectibles, next-level distribution and fan retention with gamified interactions and creator ownership.

Music meets the next digital age 🎵💎

Unleash the power of ownership to drive next-level fan engagement, retention, and monetization with DaVinci, a unique platform to transform your songs and releases into digital collectibles, gated exclusive access, experiences, and personalized deliveries, increasing fan retention and opening up new revenue streams from broader audiences!
Challenges for Creators and Fans
What sets DaVinci apart from its competitors?Ditch the limitations of platforms like Spotify and YouTube where hefty fees eat into your earnings, or Patreon where community support comes with a cut. Even worse, these media platforms retain control over your music! DaVinci is born differently. Gain real ownership of your art and your fanbase, plus compounding revenue streams. It's a no-brainer— time to break free!
Key Benefits:
You own your music, and you own your fanbase. The keys of the treasure are kept in your control -forever-
Your fans are partners, fully invested in the inspiring journey of owning digital collectibles to trade, treasure, and play on repeat!
Unleashed creativity: with gamified interactions, compounded experiences, and incentives, the connectivity and distribution limit is yet to be discovered!
Boost your engagement and revenue game
Curious about your fanbase? Our data-driven system allows you to create custom deliveries for your special fans. Deep data insights help you craft releases and special events that personally hook and captivate your followers on a special niche. How could tailoring experiences for your true fans elevate your music game?Customize your magic delivery, innovate your revenue streams, and open up to broader audiences with DaVinci!
Get early access and start monetizing your creations!
Be first in line as an artist on DaVinici! Open up new revenue streams from broader audiences with DaVinci, and take the first step into this exciting new era of fan engagement and content monetization.
Direct Distribution
Exclusive Content is directly distributed to fans holding creator fan tokens
Cultivate Fandom
Get the most granular fan insights imaginable through wallet data analysis
Monetize Fans
Directly on your Whitelabel fan portal, directly integrated with your existing channels
Davinci Tech Stack
The Freeport Creator Suite is a versatile tool for crafting unique digital items. By combining web3 technology and our Decentralized Data Cloud, Freeport allows creators and developers to generate buckets of digital content filled with images, videos, and even games without writing a single line of code. It's like a digital treasure chest!
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Cere Wallet
The Cere Wallet allows users to manage their NFTs, visualize unlocked content, manage their crypto and to make payments directly to content creators.As in any other blockchain the addresses are public, which enables the Content Creator to inspect the behavior of the wallet and gather useful insights.
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The Cere marketplace is an out-of-the-box solution that allows both creators and developers to offer digital assets to their community. Whether you want to launch an exclusive digital art exhibit, provide your fans with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, or integrate an in-game marketplace: the Cere Marketplace has you covered.
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Media SDK
The Media SDK is a JavaScript plugin that enables websites to stream content from DDC. Users can seamlessly enjoy material shared by content creators, provided they have acquired the appropriate access rights.
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