⭐ About Marketplace

The Cere marketplace is an out-of-the-box solution that allows both creators and developers to offer digital assets to their community. Whether you want to launch an exclusive digital art exhibit, provide your fans with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, or integrate an in-game marketplace: the Cere Marketplace has you covered.

🛠️ Marketplace Tech Stack

The Cere NFT Marketplace Content Management System (CMS): The same CMS that powers DaVinci’s Marketplace makes it easy for brands to set up their own white-label marketplaces. Brands can quickly self-publish content that can be directly attached to NFTs minted in Freeport, marketed on the marketplace, and directly streamed to the purchaser of the NFT via the DDC.

The Marketplace is built on the open-source CMS platform “Strapi” and creates the bridge between the front end and our web3 minting solution “Freeport”. All UI components in the marketplace are managed in this CMS and everything is a classic Web2 experience.

This also means that you create a web2 placeholder for each of your NFTs in the CMS, which in turn, you link to its Web3 counterpart that you create in Freeport using the NFT id.

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