QR App

QR Scanner Application
This document outlines the functionality of a web application designed for staff personnel at events. The application features authentication through Cere Wallet, enabling users to access a list of events (concerts, gatherings) and select one. Subsequently, the application opens a QR scanner interface for ticket validation at the event entrance.
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QR Code Generation in Davinci
This document details the ticket generation process within the Davinci application. Users purchase event tickets as NFTs through the app, enabling them to generate a QR code ticket for event entry. The QR code serves as the digital ticket that users present to staff personnel for access to the event.
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Cluster Management is a comprehensive suite of user-friendly tools designed with the goal of empowering any self-organized group of nodes. These tools allow these groups to build an automated, decentralized data cluster driven by the capabilities of CERE tokens ($CERE) and the protocol. Anchored by robust smart contracts, these tools equip DDC Clusters to consistently deliver high-powered, automated data cloud operations, specifically designed to cater to the needs of developers.
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Video streaming

The CERE ecosystem offers a comprehensive solution for streaming video content, leveraging a suite of innovative products and technologies. This document outlines the process of streaming video content within the CERE ecosystem, utilizing the following key components.
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Integration guide for DDC Video Streaming
There are a bunch of ways to stream video from DDC:Stream video using the direct link via browser, native HTML <video> tag, or Media SDKStream video permissioned by the NFT ownership via Media SDKMore information on how both use cases work can be found...
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How video encryption/decryption works
Private files, that can be accessed only by particular NFT ownersHow does it work?
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Supporting different video types
There are 2 options for using DDC as a streaming platform: using a native HTML player or an HLS player, that streams the encoded video using ffmpeg code.
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