DDC Console

Onboarding Guide
for App Developers

Dragon 1 Developer Console is a comprehensive suite of user-friendly tools designed with the goal of empowering any self-organized group of nodes. These tools allow these groups to build an automated, decentralized data cluster driven by the capabilities of CERE tokens ($CERE) and the protocol. Anchored by robust smart contracts, these tools equip DDC Clusters to consistently deliver high-powered, automated data cloud operations, specifically designed to cater to the needs of developers.

The true potential of these tools can be witnessed when developers create their own storage buckets using the Cere DDC - Dragon 1 Cluster. This feature allows developers to support a variety of use cases for their applications. The process of creating a bucket and connecting it with an application has been designed to be straightforward and intuitive. Step-by-step instructions are provided to guide users through the entire process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

The Developer Console tools represent a significant step forward in the field of decentralized data management, offering a user-friendly and efficient solution to developers. With these tools, developers can leverage the power of decentralized networks and smart contracts, while also benefiting from the added security and efficiency that these technologies provide. It's an innovative approach that combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design, making it an ideal choice for developers looking to enhance their data management operations.

You can access the Dragon 1 Developer Console at developer.console.cere.network.

Connect Your Wallet

The first step to creating your storage bucket is to set up a wallet with Dragon 1 Developer Console. You can conveniently use the Cere Wallet to create and connect your wallet.

Create Your Cere Wallet

You can create your Cere wallet by providing your email address and verifying it with an OTP code. This wallet can then be used for further operations on Dragon 1.

Get Rewards & Use Your Bucket

When you connect your wallet to Developer Console for the first time, you'll automatically receive 50 CERE tokens. These rewards will be sent to your wallet upon sign-up.

To use your bucket with your apps, you need to complete two steps. After receiving your rewards, you'll be prompted to confirm a transaction to create your bucket. This process should take approximately 60 seconds, after which your bucket will be ready.

After creating your bucket, you'll need to confirm a second transaction to top up your DDC Account Wallet. This is the wallet from which your charges will be deducted.

The DDC wallet is an in-app wallet that developers use to pay for services. You can top up your DDC wallet by depositing CERE tokens from your CERE wallet.

Start Using Your Bucket

Using Cere SDKs for File Storing&Streaming Operations

You can use Cere SDKs to upload files to your buckets and stream various types of content. To authenticate the SDKs with the accounts you created on the Developer Console interface, you need to retrieve your wallet mnemonic from the Cere Wallet. To do this, you must first open the wallet widget:

Start by opening the wallet widget and clicking the "Open Wallet" button to open the Cere Wallet client app.Once you've opened the Cere Wallet Client app, you'll notice a "Settings" tab in the top menu. Click "Settings", then select the "Download" button in the "Account Export" section.

After you get your wallet mnemonic, you can follow our Integration Guide for Media Streaming:

Top-up Your Account

You can top up your DDC Account whenever your balance is low or you anticipate increased usage. To do this, click on the account icon on the right side of the page, then press the "Top-Up" button in the DDC Account Wallet section to access the "Top-up" page.

Once you've opened the top-up page, specify the amount of tokens you wish to transfer from your external wallet and click the 'Confirm' button. You'll then need to confirm the transaction.

The DDC wallet is an in-app wallet that developers use to pay for services. You can top up your DDC wallet by depositing CERE tokens from your CERE wallet.

Upgrade Your Package

The Dragon 1 Cluster offers two packages. The Starter Pack is designed for app developers who are still in the development phase or serving to fewer than 100 concurrent users. This is the default package assigned to your account upon sign-up.

The Growth Pack is intended for developers requiring dedicated capacity for their users. With the Growth Pack, you can serve to over 1000 concurrent users. To upgrade your account to the Growth Pack, you'll need to top up your DDC Wallet with a minimum of 1200 CERE tokens.

Once you have at least 1200 CERE Tokens in your wallet, you can upgrade your package. To do so, click on the account icon on the right side of the page, then press the "Upgrade Package" button in the Current Package section.

After opening the "Upgrade Package" page, you will see the package details and an "Upgrade Now" button to complete the process. If you have at least 1200 CERE tokens in your DDC Account Wallet, you can upgrade your account type by clicking the "Upgrade Now" button.