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QR Code Generation in Davinci

QR Code Generation in Davinci


This document details the ticket generation process within the Davinci application. Users purchase event tickets as NFTs through the app, enabling them to generate a QR code ticket for event entry. The QR code serves as the digital ticket that users present to staff personnel for access to the event.

Ticket Generation Workflow

  1. NFT Ticket Purchase: Users navigate the Davinci application to browse and purchase event tickets as NFTs. Upon successful purchase, the NFT ticket is associated with the user's account.
  2. Ticket Generation: After acquiring the NFT ticket, users gain access to the ticket generation feature within the Davinci app. They initiate the ticket generation process for the specific event they have purchased a ticket for.
  3. QR Code Generation: The app generates a unique QR code based on the NFT ticket details and user information. This QR code serves as the digital representation of the ticket and contains encrypted data for event verification.
  4. Ticket Presentation: Users can view and save the generated QR code within the Davinci app. When attending the event, users present the QR code to the staff personnel at the entrance for scanning and validation.
  5. Event Access: Staff personnel scan the QR code using the QR Scanner Application  to verify its authenticity. Upon successful validation, users are granted entry to the event.

Benefits of the Ticket Generation Process


The Davinci application's ticket generation process, powered by NFT technology and QR code integration, offers users a seamless and secure method for purchasing and accessing event tickets. By leveraging these features, Davinci enhances the ticketing experience for users and simplifies event management for staff personnel.