QR App

QR Scanner Application


This document outlines the functionality of a web application designed for staff personnel at events. The application features authentication through Cere Wallet, enabling users to access a list of events (concerts, gatherings) and select one. Subsequently, the application opens a QR scanner interface for ticket validation at the event entrance.

Features of the Web Application

  1. Authentication via Cere Wallet: Users log in to the web application using their Cere Wallet credentials, ensuring secure access to event management features.
  2. Event Selection: Upon successful authentication, users are presented with a list of upcoming events, including details like event name, date, and venue. Users can choose a specific event they will be working at.
  3. QR Scanner Interface: After selecting an event, the application launches a QR scanner interface, allowing staff personnel to scan and validate tickets at the event entrance. The QR scanner verifies the authenticity of each ticket presented by attendees.
  4. Ticket Validation: Staff members can scan QR codes or barcodes on tickets using the QR scanner interface. The application instantly validates the ticket against the event decentralized database (DDC), providing real-time feedback on ticket status.
  5. Event Management Tools: The web application may include additional features for event management, such as attendee check-in, guest list management, and real-time event updates for staff personnel.

Benefits of the Web Application


The web application for staff personnel at events, with Cere Wallet authentication and QR scanner integration, provides a user-friendly and efficient solution for managing event access and ticket validation. By leveraging these technologies, event staff can ensure smooth operations and enhance the overall event experience for attendees.