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About DDC | Storage Node

The Storage Node is a fundamental component of the DDC and allows you to store, read and search data, such as objects, files, and documents, within the Cere Network.

As a developer, you can decide if you want your data to be stored encrypted or unencrypted, mutable, or immutable. The DDC Storage Nodes offer the flexibility that suits your preferences.

But the DDC Storage node is not only interesting for developers: anyone can set up their own Storage Node to support the Cere Network. By joining our network of nodes you’ll help make the Cere Network faster, more secure, and more decentralized.

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Architecture diagram

Each DDC CDN Node is an isolated piece of software that can join to the network with other nodes.

It highly utilises internal memory (RAM) and physical storage for 2 cache levels. Each Storage Node is connected to Cere Blockchain, listens for the changes in cluster topology and reacts to it by updating caches, access policy or network topology.

DDC Storage Node provides HTTP API with operations to store, lookup and retrieve the pieces of data.

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For node providers: Join the waiting list to launch a dCDN node on Cere Network.

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