Staking Dashboard

📕Cere Staking Quickstart Guide

Cere has simplified the process of staking $CERE tokens through the Cere Network Staking Dashboard, making it more intuitive and user-friendly, designed specifically for $CERE holders who wish to engage in native staking on the network. The new dashboard does this by offering more essential information and a more comprehensive set of features to ensure a seamless staking experience with minimal effort. By doing so, $CERE token holders can participate much easier to enhance Cere Network security and decentralization, encouraging a greater degree of participation from a wider set of less technical token holders.

The new Cere Network Staking Dashboard ( offers an overview tab with information on the state of the network, a Staking tab with all relevant information about your staking activities, and a Validators tab that allows you to sort validators by commission rate and exclude inactive or blocked validators.

While the Explorer remains an alternative for staking, the Staking Dashboard elevates user experience with its intuitive design.