Media SDK

⭐ About Media SDK

The Media SDK is a development kit used by developers to create applications designed for creators & media that interact with the CERE infrastructure.
It provides a set of modules and methods that allow seamless integration with the Cerebellum Network's decentralized data cloud (DDC).

The Media SDK currently supports JavaScript (JS), giving developers flexibility when working with the CERE infrastructure.
The Media SDK wraps (a.o.) the DDC SDK

🛠️ Video Media SDK Tech

This page details the specs of the Media SDK that is used within the context of CereFans . The Media SDK also includes the Video Streaming Service .

The Media SDK is a javascript plugin that a website can load to allow the user to stream content uploaded to DDC by a content creator.

The Media SDK is a JavaScript plugin that enables websites to stream content from DDC. Users can seamlessly enjoy material shared by content creators, provided they have acquired the appropriate access rights.

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