Video Streaming Service

⭐ About Video Streaming Service

Cere Video Streaming offers a decentralized, reliable approach to video content delivery, overcoming common issues of centralized platforms. By leveraging the Cere Blockchain and Decentralized Data Cloud (DDC) and Media SDK , it provides high-speed, reliable, and censorship-resistant streaming worldwide. Content creators can upload content to the network via Cere Freeport and use Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) for access control, while consumers enjoy exclusive content by owning corresponding NFTs.

🛠️ Video Streaming Tech Stack

The Video Streaming Service is a component used by the Media SDK in order to stream content uploaded to DDC by content creators.

App developers can subscribe to storage and CDN clusters, upload their video to a storage cluster and integrate a CDN stream into their video player in the browser with a universal url independent of the CDN node location. The App developer can optionally mint an NFT and attach the video stream to the NFT so that only NFT owners can view the streaming content.

The Video Streaming service includes a Decentralized video player and supports all HTML 5 video element supported formats.

💫 Get started with Video Streaming

Feel free to check our github repos:

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